St Paul and the crucifixion Paul and the crucifixion

An academic paper released to coincide with Passion week has been published after receiving positive peer reviews.

The 2000 word document by Barcelona based research student Enganyar Abril has stunned those in the tight knit circles of biblical scholarship. All except his own professor Dr. Amrita Santos who said, “Enganyar is not the first to suggest what he has, but he is certainly the first to show it to be highly probable. He is a bright student and I hope he receives the recognition he deserves.”

The Catalan PHD student has seemingly shown that the thief who died next to Christ at Golgotha, after first receiving the promise of paradise, was none other than the father of the man who was later to be become St Paul, then Saul of Tarsus.

Through a set of geographical and historical proofs along with painstaking study of Roman penal records. the paper manouvres to it’s conclusion. However most of the the word count is based on a study of one phrase in scripture. Enganyar himself says that, “If this most important pay of the proof is wrong then I have no point to make. I believe that all will see a simple reading of the text shows it to be reliable.”

Enganyar introduces the all important proof text early in his paper and scholars around the globe so far have, by and large, called it a remarkable yet profoundly important interpretation. In one of his own letters St Paul states, “my old man was crucified with Christ”.

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