A Year Out

A Year Out

I have few regrets (having too many is sure to be an obstacle to a cheerful demeanour) but I do often wish I had taken a year out to travel the world. Though atrophe and humans have done their best to ruin large parts of it, there is still the thumbprint of God’s handiwork all over it; the people who inhabit it are quite interesting too.

For those young people who fancy doing something truly lifechanging pe or post university, The Times had some great ideas recently. Here is a summary.

Medical internship in India

A 3 month placement in Delhi inc food and accomodation ?1850 with www.gapguru.com

Drama in the U.S.A

Eight weeks helping teach drama in summer camps plus four weeks to travel. ?360 with www.bunac.org

Coral conservation

Build an artificial reef for 2 to 10 weeks in south-east Asia.
From ?915 with www.gapyeardiver.com

Safari camp

3 months mucking in on a Safari camp in Kenya, Zambia or Uganda

Kung Fu in China

Learn to chop a brick in half and sample a spectacular culture.
from ?799 with www.realgap.co.uk

Teach in Vanuatu

Teach from nursery to seconday education on some glorious islands but don’t expect electricity.
from ?1750 with www.lattitude.org

Rugby coaching down under

Yep. Be coached by the New Zealanders in rugby, watch some games and do a spot of sightseeing.
from ?1160? with www.nzsportsacademy.co.nz

UK Placements

Hands on experience closer to home.

[details taken from The Times Sat August 21st 2010]

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