Welcome to therevster.com the personal blog of me, Russ Westfield. I am the Senior Pastor of New Life Church in Scunthorpe, North Linconshire and I’m committed to believing in a Big God, building Big People and belonging to a Big Church.

My background is music and banking but my passion is equipping and resourcing the greatest force for social change and eternal hope the world has encountered … followers of Jesus Christ … the Church.

I have a gorgeous wife who inspires me and is continually rescuing me from my weaknesses. Two amazing boys, who I am incredibly proud of, complete my family.

The wider family of New Life continually amaze me with their real stories of hope & faith and to be fair they and my fellow leaders make me look much better than I really am.

When not enjoying church & family you may find me at the piano or with either a camera or latte in hand.