Finding Empowerment

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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt totally unequipped? Perhaps facing circumstances where the odds are against you succeeding?

This Pentecost Sunday I spoke to newLife about the intriguing incident where the risen Jesus warned his followers to “stay put” and not venture out of Jerusalem. He did this because He knew they were unequipped for what lay ahead. The odds against them becoming effective witnesses for Him were too great. Yet he also promised them that in a short time He would equip them with all they needed to be all they should be. He promised them a new baptism … in the Holy Spirit.

In the message I brought (which you can listen to by clicking here) , I used visual examples of a a glass filled with different amounts of water and finally a jug of water. These simple sketches might just help you understand what was being observed in the venue.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. Thanks for stopping by.

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Russ leads New Life Scunthorpe. He is married to Sarah and they have two amazing boys Jordan and Joseph. Russ is committed to raising leaders who raise leaders. He believes that church should transform people and transform places and so he urges followers of Christ to turn up the contrast and believe in a Big God, build Big People & belong to a Big Church.

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