Making Streams

A decade ago I preached a message called “Streammakers” to the family of New Life. It was without doubt a keynote message, and more than that, held some prophetic importance to the journey of my home church.

Over these last couple of months I have been drawn into meditating again on the Psalm that birthed that Streammakers message. With a few more years of pastorship under my belt plus the experience and wisdom that I’ve somehow managed to squeeze out of these years, I now see that my original message was undercooked and premature. Don’t get me wrong, God blessed it and so blessed people through it. Also, it still influences the vision of New Life to this day and is a measure, a pattern even, of how I guage our community initiatives. This of course is simply a testament of how God is the great salvage expert; taking foolish things and polishing them up for his purposes.

Now, is without doubt the correct time for me to make plans to teach what I’ve learned from this scripture, precious to New Life. It tells of things that preceed and accompany making streams. Things we need to hear, need to do and need to be.

Twelve verses twelve lessons.

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Russ leads New Life Scunthorpe. He is married to Sarah and they have two amazing boys Jordan and Joseph. Russ is committed to raising leaders who raise leaders. He believes that church should transform people and transform places and so he urges followers of Christ to turn up the contrast and believe in a Big God, build Big People & belong to a Big Church.

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