The best from the worst.

The best from the worst.


On a recent car journey I found myself listening to Radio 2. I don’t know how this occurred as I’m usually a Radio 4 kind of guy. I do realise that neither will aid my street-cred! Anyway, I tuned in part-way through an interview with Alan Johnson M.P. It was fascinating. Politics hardly came into it. Rather, he spoke honestly and openly about his childhood and adolescence and some of the hardships that he encountered. At the end of the interview he said these words, “Some of the best things that make us human emerge from the worst that humans can endure”.

I decided to discuss Alan Johnson’s statement with some of the fantastic people in New Life church’s residential recovery projects. Each of them agreed with him and were quick to highlight some of the ways that their character, self-esteem and hope has had opportunity to grow simply because of how they responded to “the worst that life has to offer”. When life gets messy – there is always hope.

Christmas is just around the corner. Cut away the glitz and it is a story of how God joined us in our mess, chaos and confusion and then provided us safe passage through it all. Part of being human is responding to this story of rescue & hope. So do visit a church this festive season and find out more.

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Russ leads New Life Scunthorpe. He is married to Sarah and they have two amazing boys Jordan and Joseph. Russ is committed to raising leaders who raise leaders. He believes that church should transform people and transform places and so he urges followers of Christ to turn up the contrast and believe in a Big God, build Big People & belong to a Big Church.

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