The best word.

The best word.


A couple of years ago I realised that I hardly write anymore. In fact I realised that most of us don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that many of us type and blog and tweet and text and that we count that as a kind of writing. But it’s not really writing is it? Surely tapping a button (or of late a virtual button) on a gadget is very different from taking a pen and crafting with ink a word on a page. One is mechanical & cold whilst the other is liberating & personal. Proof if wanted, is that hardly any of us would type or email a letter of sympathy to someone grieving; it would be just too detached and lacking in personal warmth.

The Bible shows me that when God wanted to send His most important message to humanity, he didn’t send digital instructions, nor even a book, but rather he sent a living word wrapped up in flesh. That way our response to Him would not be in cold, detached religion but in a loving, growing relationship.

Jesus, this living word, is at the heart of so many church services across North Lincolnshire each week. If you are tired of the mechanical & cold and long for something liberating & personal, then you could do no better than pop along to a good welcoming local church this Sunday.

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Russ leads New Life Scunthorpe. He is married to Sarah and they have two amazing boys Jordan and Joseph. Russ is committed to raising leaders who raise leaders. He believes that church should transform people and transform places and so he urges followers of Christ to turn up the contrast and believe in a Big God, build Big People & belong to a Big Church.

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