The migration headache

The migration headache

Evernote is a wonderful piece of software. It does everything (and more) than I need in a notetaking and idea-filing app. But it is time to wave goodbye to Evernote. 

In an effort to simplify my online systems I have decided that Google Keep + Google Drive do everything I need in a much more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing manner. Though neither of these are quite as intelligent as Evernote, they do fit my rather Google-filled life in a more efficient manner.

So, after weeks of researching the topic I have taken the migration plunge. But how to transfer the thousands of Evernote items (stored in notebooks and notes) into Drive (stored in folders and files) with the least worry caused. The answer is not found in either Google’s or Evernote’s software but in a wonderful 3rd party service called CloudHQ.

Simply sign up, give it acess to your Evernote and Drive accounts and let it do the rest. Depending on the amount of your data, syncing time can vary but CloudHQ keeps doing its business in the background and sends you an email when it is finished. After the migration process there is a new folder in your Google Drive called Cloud HQ and a subfolder called Evernote in which you will find all your evernote data with the original names and fully searchable.

It’s anxiety free and truly amazing.

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