Why the makers of Skint were right but oh so wrong!

Why the makers of Skint were right but oh so wrong!


The print date of this magazine coincides with the Summer Solstice. It is about this time that some bright spark somewhere will utter the words, “Ah, the nights are drawing in now”. Though this may be factually true it is a little depressing and perhaps deserving of a slap in the face. Though as a bible believing Pastor I ought to refrain from this response.

The intricate structure of the cosmos and the history of our western calendar may conspire to result in the encroaching of nighttime, but surely our mood is still becoming summery. We are drawn to the light!

The recent TV series “Skint” caused a bit of a stir. Though some may argue over the details, it was largely factually correct. In our villages and towns, people do live like that; struggling to cope with the cards life has dealt them and of course having to cope with the consequences of their own decisions. So many people are skint; lacking in money, hope and a sense of purpose. As a church we must have a response to this, after all we are the means by which the love of Jesus becomes real to people around us. I urge all Jesus followers to look for opportunities to be a genuine help to others.

Yet, I do believe that the makers of Skint were a bit like the bright spark I mentioned earlier. Factually correct but missing the mood of the people & missing an opportunity to bring hope. I believe that people across North Lincolnshire are drawn to the light, not to the encroaching of darkness. So let’s grasp as many opportunities to celebrate the good, the hopeful, the joyful and the often stark magnificence within our community. We are after all, Sunny Scunny!

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Russ leads New Life Scunthorpe. He is married to Sarah and they have two amazing boys Jordan and Joseph. Russ is committed to raising leaders who raise leaders. He believes that church should transform people and transform places and so he urges followers of Christ to turn up the contrast and believe in a Big God, build Big People & belong to a Big Church.

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